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European democracies in danger? – Conference by Markas Adeikis

21.4.2015 @ 20:00 - 21:30

Processes, reasons and perspectives of democracy deficits in France and Hungary

Markas Adeikis, currently writing his PhD thesis at the University of Regensburg on democracy deficits, is going to discuss the democratic trends in European countries, taking the examples of France and Hungary.

For many years, there have been some statements in political research that the global democracy is suffering. After the turn of the millenium a stagnation or even a crisis could be observed. Until then, nobody would have presumed that France (an old democracy with long-lasting democratic traditions) and Hungary (a new democracy that successfully handled the postsocialist transformation problems) could be endangered. However, for the last 15 years, significant democracy deficits have gotten visible there, even if to a different extent in each country.
Adeikis will focus on mutual constraints and transparency in both countries. He is also going to analyze the regional specifities of the horizontal accountability in Western and Postsocialist democracies.
Many indicators, such as a presence of checks and balances, corruption level and disclosure of party finances, belong to Adeikis’ research. He tries to answer the question whether the consolidated democratic regimes in France and Hungary have regressed to defective democracies during the investigated timeframe (between 1999 and 2014). Additionally, he seeks for the institutional and actor-based reasons that damage the horizontal accountability in both countries. Finally, it is indispensable to ask how sustainable these democracy deficits in France and Hungary are. Considering the recent crisis in the European Union, it is crucial to examine how democracy defects in sovereign countries can threaten the European democratization process – how the European integration impacts on these democracy defects in France and Hungary.

At the end of the presentation, we hope to discuss these issues with our guest, we look forward seeing you there!

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20:00 - 21:30


Yannis Theile


Sciences Po Paris Campus in Nancy